1. Get carpentry services at cost of news-paper.

2. Cost of Annual Offer Subscription is Rs.1865/-.

3. You get 12 – Free Carpenter service visit.

4. This offer is available only on selected Services (Wall Fittings: clock, photo frame, book-shelf, flowerpot fixing. Ceiling fittings: Fitting of cloth dryer, swing. Assembly of Products Brought Online: fitting of TV Unit, Dinning Table, Shoe-rack, wardrobe. Dismantling of Bed, fitting of Bed post relocation, fixing of Shelf inside a cabinet, and Cabinet/Drawer Handle fitting, replacement of Door Lock and latch fittings, modular Kitchen maintenance.)

5. Maintenance work does not include cleaning of furniture’s.

6. Material charges will be applicable if any.

7. Post placing request, service visit of carpenter will have ETA of 72hrs.

8. Services are available only b/w 9am-6pm.

9. Available service in a month can be availed in same month (Post expiry of Offer Service, Service will be chargeable)

10. Left out Offer Service visit can’t be propagated to Next Year/Subscription.

11. Service does not include modification or customization of ready-made/already built-in furniture.

12. Service are available only within Bangalore City limits.

13. If wish to break Annual Offer, amount will be refunded by charging the No. of Visit done with Rs.450/- each.